Breaking a Bad run

Tonight’s the night! Calgary’s going down, in flames. heh

Happy Belated New Season

Hi Everyone,

I wish I had been on top things enough to get a post in before the puck dropped last week, but if wishes were horses…
I’m looking forward to a great, fast, intense season. The first week was quite fighty. I expect more of the same.
Best wishes to our tough guy, George Parros Fighting is going nowhere.


Toronto, Feb. 9

Going to try to comment as things progress tonight.
Early goal on a shaky looking Habs line.
… and now Bozak scored as I typed this.
This is got to turn around now.

that Boston game and Subban

Well that started off great. I didn’t really get to watch much of it but I did hear most of it. Seemed like our Habs had tons of great chances but Rask was just shutting everything down, and seemingly has a clover up an orifice. Loved that beautiful goal Subby got, to bad he had to take that penalty at such a crucial moment. They do seem to be playing well together.

Budaj and Ottawa, January 30th/Feb.3rd

After watching the matchup you have to wonder at the mindset of the team and the fans.
We saw Budaj, in his first appearance, hold up well in the first but the team melted in front of him in the second. White’s foolish double minor made that downward road smooth and fast. The Sens took full advantage with great play and brilliant goaltending by Anderson.

After the game, Price’s FB status update was met by a number of “fans” berating Budaj and pleading Price to return. It was a team loss, and it’s a serious demonstration of idiocy to simply lay the blame on Budaj.

We saw a brilliant rebound from that on Saturday afternoon, and sadly for Pricenistas it will only serve as proof that Price should NEVER get a night off.

Looking forward to the match this afternoon, should be great!
Go Habs!

Passing a torch

What a great opening ceremony we had for our season opener.  I loved seeing the old guard come out in support of our current Hab generation.  At one point I was genuinely concerned for Henri Richard as he seemed a little unsteady coming down the stairs. (The ceremony video on HabsTV mercifully edits this moment down) So the torch made it’s way from captain to captain, only two having not lead the team to championships.  However, all championship winners, of course.  In the desire to get the fans pumped up for the season, it could be that an already stressed and pressured squad felt additional historical weight.

Et pourquoi pas fair les announces en Anglais pour les supporters qui ne parle pas le Français?  Peut-etres à cause de l’ancien entraîneur intérime?
[And why not make announcements in English for fans that don't speak French?
Maybe because of the old interim coach?]
I am happy to have posts on this blog that stand alone without translation, and it’s
been my hope to have writers submit posts or respond in French.  So far it’s been quite limited.  Perhaps with our new start, we’ll be able to change that and encourage
discussion in at least two languages, if not more.

Toronto Maple Leafs – Saturday
Saturday’s opener was abysmal.  It was boring and it seemed like last year all over again.  Perhaps the wrong torch was passed.  It truly seemed as though after one hardship, goalie interference, they got flustered and had no focus.  They were only able to get together and bring some semblance of a challenge until the end of the third.  So familiar.  Ah well, warm up game, can’t do everything right.

Florida Panthers – Tuesday
Last night’s game was great!  Not only because they took the game, but because the effort was there throughout.  More of this please!  Plekanec’s beautiful opener, off a perfect pass from our Captain Gionta, set the stage for an entertaining and co-ordinated team effort.  Markov got two power play goals, and how about that Galchenyuk kid!?  Congrats on your first goal, boyo! Sadly I had to watch the Fox stream from Florida, and apart from finding out about a Jimmy Buffet show, there was little commentary worth paying attention to.  Except for the amazement and consternation at White’s response to Fleishman’s hit on Gorges.  Perhaps White should have telegraphed the response a bit better, but he was reacting to a hit from behind that was potentially very dangerous.  The replay clearly showed Gorges going in to the boards head first, which could have easily been quite nasty.  White deserved the instigator penalty as well was the misconduct, but his response was not out of line as the commentators were suggesting.

If we have more hockey like this then it’s going to be a fine season.  I think a rivalry might be starting up with Florida.  They played well but were getting very frustrated.  I think our D was working well and Price made some amazing saves, as usual.
I can safely say that I am on the Price train.  He fits right in with all the other Canadien elite goalies we’ve enjoyed.

I’m really looking forward to the Capitals matchup on Thursday.  They’ll be hungry for a win after their loss to the Jets.  They’ll have something to prove after a terrible home opener, a familiar situation and the Capitals have a bit more depth to draw on.  It could a dandy!

Go Habs Go!


We’re back, sortof

After having our site ruined, we’re back up, and it looks like we’re starting from scratch.
The current look will change once we have some time to put some work into it.

In the meantime, GO HABS!


So long and thanks for all the speed.

Thank you Montreal Canadiens for an entertaining season of hockey! You have brought me back to loving the team of my childhood. I grew up watching the brilliant team of the 70s, stupid for #29, and convinced a team of M C Coolidge dogs in front of Dryden-the-Mighty would have won my Habs championship after championship. Time has past, and for a time I stopped paying attention to the game, other interests, no apologies. However, now, living in a foreign country, access to ALL the hockey games NHL Gamecenter cares to stream,(with moderate service performance, [write a standalone client guys, come on, you can afford it, it'd be so much better]) I’ve been drawn back in to the wonder that is hockey and our great Montreal Canadiens. I know we are no where near the dynamo we were then, but we do have an entertaining team to watch.

The Canadiens/Bruins series was great. Personally I think Montreal deserved the series, but of course I would. I thought the last three games were quite even, but Montreal had a number of scoring opportunities that just didn’t go in our favour. Not due to unskilled puck handling, or skilled defensive play, just bad puck luck. The last three games were particularly close, and the series could have easily gone in Montreal’s favour. I spent most of the series watching the NESN feed, because let’s face it, Jack Edwards is the best and most entertaining play by play announcer in the business. I was pretty sure he had decided near the end of the series to temper his “smurf” comments and Bruin coloured glasses observations. Seemingly, Montreal had proven themselves to be worthy opponents.

Then Jack does this:

My friend Cam posted this to my wall this evening, wondering what on earth ol’ Jack was going on about.

My comments,
“so, Jack is a tea bagger?”

“I’m use to these loosely tied associations being used in talks where the speaker’s
moral righteousness and indignation are the central (thinly veiled) business, but from
Jack Edwards? drawing parallels of the Boston tea party revolt against England and
this “revolt” against the paunchy “royalty” of hockey? Silly, far fetched, and sounds
like a poor winner to me. :)

Enough about it, I thought it was unnecessary and a bit of a cheap shot.

Back to the team I love, and my beatitudes.
How blessed is Price, for he worked like a dog and never complained once, he’ll get a rest.
How blessed is Subban, for he withstood the idiotic grumblings of those unwilling to acknowledge true solid skill and confidence, he’ll never have to hear that again.
How blessed is Pacioretty, for he will return next year and give Gomez a reason to be, and have a 30 goal season in 2011/12.
How blessed is Gomez, for he will play with Max and have a 30 Assists season in 2011/12.
How blessed is Cammalleri, for he will be given a C to wear.
How blessed is Gionta, for his crown will be that much lighter.
How blessed is Eller, for he will remain quite good and no one will say anything bad about him.
How blessed is Martin, for he may very well have a job next year.

I think the rest of the playoffs will pale in intensity.
Good Luck to the Canucks and Tampa Bay!

Stat of the Day #7

Michael Ryder playoff points per game with Canadiens: .381
21 GP 3 G 5 A 8 PTS

Michael Ryder playoff points per game with Bruins: .724
29 GP 11 G 10 A 21 PTS

Differential: +.343

Unintentional, Me Arse

Ference Bird
(picture from the Montreal Gazette,

After watching game 4, with thoroughly entertaining commentary by Jack Edwards (psst!, Jackie, get a new pic for your wikipedia entry), I was a little bit surprised to find out that the do-no-wrong Bs made such a classless gesture to the ever gracious fans at the Bell centre.;) Honestly, I watched the NESN feed on NHLGamecenter and there was no mention of this. Now, the feed was a little bit screwy, entering a kind of mobius strip at one point, forget where, sometime in the 2nd I believe, and perhaps I missed Jack’s opinion about Ference’s gaff. I suspect he knew better and made no mention.

I remember, as a kid, wearing hockey gloves which didn’t really allow for free finger movement. It was always fun to position the glove in various rude gestures, and it was always fun to pretend you didn’t mean to do it, that’s as a child. I don’t think for one minute that the gloves these players use are anywhere near the same quality of those I was handed down. What these guys need(and are able) to do with a stick, necessitates a good deal of dexterity. I call bullshit on Ference’s unintentional Bell Centre Bird. I’m sure he was told that admitting to such a rude gesture might lead to fines and suspensions, so the penalty dictates the intention. Fine him and suspend him, I say.

As far as the Habs losing the game, it was a lucky win for Boston, Thomas was on. The team in front of him were not supporting him. If not for Thomas, the score would have been drastically different. Perhaps the same could be said for Price, but I felt that our Habs were just swarming Thomas near the beginning, and he was keeping the score from running away. We’ll get ‘em in Boston and win the series back in Montreal.