Weise! Eller!

Four in a row and it seems like our Habs are getting their groove back.

Eller has managed to get the last three game winning goals. Sweet!

Weise has instituted a new sub-category of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.
This involves scoring on a penalty shot. What a game he had against
the bears! If he wasn’t well loved in Habdome before, he certainly
is now.

Patches was looking pretty good against the Bruins due to Boston’s
lack of defence. They seemed to be able to access the goal at will.
Svedberg did well to keep the pummelling to 5-1.

Lucic has been a non-issue for most of what I’ve seen this season,
rude gesture not withstanding. He’s going to wake up at some point.
The whole shaking hands incident of last year is not over, and Weise
has shown he’s not going to be intimidated. Good on Subban for sticking
up for Sekac, another player doing great.

Here’s better analysis of the Habs/Bruins game from Dave Stubbs.

Anyway, there’s definitely more to come, and the November 22nd match up
in the bear’s den ought to be a dandy!

I can hardly wait for the Flyers match up.
Go Habs Go!

It’s next year

I can hardly wait. Lucic, stay classy.

Plekanec is a clear and standout candidate for the “C”

After last night’s win I’ve decided that Plekanec is truly the one in the “Leadership Group” that deserves to wear the “C”.
His drive is what FINALLY motivated and energized the team in the third period in Philadelphia.

What was happening earlier in the match is beyond me. There seemed to be a complete lack of defensive support in the first and a complete inability to work in any coordinated way.

Glad to see that third win, but I’d sure like the next one to be more decisive. The best thing about this win is that they showed that they can stay determined and turn a game around.

Go Habs Go!

Game On!

Looking forward to tonight and this season!
Go Habs Go!

Leadership Team

Hi Everyone,
We’re back at it after a season of not much action. The lack of action was on my part, but this year will be different. We already have a sense of how different this year could be with the naming of four assistant captains. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but if this “leadership group” can help bring consistency, focus, and direction this season, I’m fine with it.

Now with Budaj gone to Winnipeg, we have clarity in our goaltending. However, Tokarski has starter ambitions. Hopefully he won’t be too impatient, and will be able to play second to a player who clearly wants the lion’s share of starts.

Jim(as Admin)

Breaking a Bad run

Tonight’s the night! Calgary’s going down, in flames. heh

Happy Belated New Season

Hi Everyone,

I wish I had been on top things enough to get a post in before the puck dropped last week, but if wishes were horses…
I’m looking forward to a great, fast, intense season. The first week was quite fighty. I expect more of the same.
Best wishes to our tough guy, George Parros Fighting is going nowhere.


Toronto, Feb. 9

Going to try to comment as things progress tonight.
Early goal on a shaky looking Habs line.
… and now Bozak scored as I typed this.
This is got to turn around now.

that Boston game and Subban

Well that started off great. I didn’t really get to watch much of it but I did hear most of it. Seemed like our Habs had tons of great chances but Rask was just shutting everything down, and seemingly has a clover up an orifice. Loved that beautiful goal Subby got, to bad he had to take that penalty at such a crucial moment. They do seem to be playing well together.

Budaj and Ottawa, January 30th/Feb.3rd

After watching the matchup you have to wonder at the mindset of the team and the fans.
We saw Budaj, in his first appearance, hold up well in the first but the team melted in front of him in the second. White’s foolish double minor made that downward road smooth and fast. The Sens took full advantage with great play and brilliant goaltending by Anderson.

After the game, Price’s FB status update was met by a number of “fans” berating Budaj and pleading Price to return. It was a team loss, and it’s a serious demonstration of idiocy to simply lay the blame on Budaj.

We saw a brilliant rebound from that on Saturday afternoon, and sadly for Pricenistas it will only serve as proof that Price should NEVER get a night off.

Looking forward to the match this afternoon, should be great!
Go Habs!